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Top 5 “Get Noticed” Specialty Business Cards

Posted on: July 2nd, 2012 by No Comments

Today’s business world is all about personalization and customization. The “one-size-fits-all” attitude is a thing of the past, and successful businesses and business people are carving out unique, stand-out images for themselves through the use of carefully chosen customized branding.

Your business card is an opportune place to start setting yourself apart from the competition. But what custom design elements are right for you? Here’s a quick guide to some breakaway business card printing techniques and what they say about the cardholder.

5. Silk-Laminated Business Cards

One of the sleekest new options in business card printing is silk-lamination. Silk-laminated business cards offer durability and a luxurious feel by starting with a 16pt cardstock and then adding a thin plastic coating to both sides for a silky feel and finish. These are great for people in entertainment, hospitality, those who offer luxury or VIP services, and anyone looking to convey an image of modern sophistication and class.

4. Spot-UV Printed Business CardsSilk laminated business card with spot UV accent

Easy elegance comes through when you add spot-UV accents to a well-designed business card. Spot-UV printing simply highlights certain design elements of your card by casting them with a glossy finish. This technique adds dimension to your card and grabs the eye effectively, at a minimal extra cost. Artists, interior designers, professional concierges, realtors, photographers, consultants, and many others would benefit from this unique card design. Spot-UV can be combined with matte 16pt cardstock business cards, silk laminated cards, and foil stamping for more dramatic effects.

3. 16pt Cardstock Business Cards

Not everyone needs a particularly fancy card, but everyone can benefit from a sturdy one. Business cards printed on 16pt cardstock resist fading, wilting, bending and creasing so that your card looks good on delivery. These are good for those looking to convey a no-frills, no-nonsense, high-quality image. They’re great for accountants, medical professionals, childcare workers, political campaigns, and anyone else looking for a conservative and yet visually appealing design aesthetic.

2. Full-Color Foil Stamped Business Cards

This is the hottest new option in the business card world. These cards combine the appeal of full-color design with the flash of foil-stamped accents. Potentially, these cards can look so good the receiver will feel inclined to frame them and hang them on the wall. But they have to be well put together to create the desired effect – they’re not for people looking to bang out a quick card. It’s a good idea to carefully plan your full-color foil stamped business card design in Photoshop or to have a talented design professional take over the task for you.

White plastic business cards1. Plastic Business Cards

These cards get the number-one slot because they combine ease with remarkable effectiveness. Recipients will immediately be taken aback by the cards simply because they are made of plastic. Choose a clear design for an irresistibly unusual look – these cards are fun to behold and to flip around in the hand. Frosted plastic gives an arctic cool finish. And opaque white plastic adds a modern, techy flair. Any and everyone can benefit from the use of a plastic business card, as long as they’re prepared to field extraordinary follow-ups on their distribution!

There you have it – five extraordinary cards for extraordinary business ventures. Choose the best one for your desired image and prepare to reap the financial rewards!