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Give a Great Elevator Pitch to Go with Your Business Card

Posted on: June 30th, 2012 by No Comments

“Concise.” It’s arguably one of the greatest words in the English language. Its definition is “expressing or covering much in few words.” That’s a beautiful thing.

And it’s what you should strive for when you make the elevator pitch that should accompany your handing out your business card. An elevator pitch should take no longer than an elevator ride – somewhere around 30 seconds. That’s all you should need in order to tell an interested party what it is that you do, and why you’re great at it. Whew! Here’s how.

Get Their Attention

Say something witty or unexpected, or make a remark or observation about the other person’s attire or manner. Don’t be afraid to be bold… but never be rude! Your first words should capture your listeners’ attention so they’ll want to know more.

Focus on You

Use a few precious seconds to tell who you are – maybe where you’re from, a prize you’ve won, or how you are obsessed with whatever it is you do. Avoid talking about wishy washy dreams or plans. Give them something real they can sink their teeth into – namely, you.

Get Them Psyched

You don’t have to jump up and down, but tell your audience in about 10 seconds what the absolute most exciting part of your business is. If you’re in water filtration, tell them: “Our company is making it possible to cut down waterborne disease in third world countries by 70 percent for just pennies per person.” Bam! That’s a good one, because it does two great things: shows your company’s humanitarian side, and implies that it would be economical for American consumers as well.

Express Interest in Communication

Don’t imply that you’re trying to sell anyone anything. Simply look into your listeners’ eyes and express to them that you would like to talk more. If you’ve done a good job with the first few steps listed above, they should be intrigued to hear more, even if they have no intention of buying a water filtration system any time soon. They will be intrigued by you and all your enthusiasm as much as by your company and its products. Offer your business card, and ask if they have theirs handy. If they give you their cards, follow up.

Improve Your Pitch

Your elevator pitch should not seem practiced – you should seem real and natural – but it should be practiced so that it fits seamlessly and CONCISELY into the 30-second time slot you have to deliver it. If you get it just right, you’re sure to see more frequent follow-up on the business cards you give out.