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Halloween Marketing Tricks & Treats

Posted on: October 17th, 2016 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

Halloween offers a festive time to connect with customers—consumers are out and about getting ready for the fall season. If you need some help scaring up some business, we’ve compiled some unique ways for your small business to attract customers this Halloween.

Pass out Branded Candy Goodie Bags

If you’re a contractor, cleaning company, or other localized small business, consider giving trick-or-treaters small candy goodie bags that have your business card in them. Though the kids will only care about the candy, Mom and Dad are likely to find the business card.Plastic Tradeshow Bag Printing

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Add fall flavors or limited-edition products

October is the beginning of pumpkin madness, so take advantage with a fall-flavored menu item or product. Bakeries can make pumpkin cupcakes or candy corn cake. Spas can create pumpkin products and services. If you’re in the service industry, chances are you can find a way to create a fall-flavored product. If you need inspiration, Pinterest is always a good source for unique recipes, bath products, drinks, and products.

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Halloween-Inspired Sales

If you’re looking for a simple, easy way to attract customers this October, try a Halloween sale. You can market it as a “Spooktacular Sale” or “Savings so Good, it’s Scary!” Even if you aren’t offering any special products or Halloween-related services, getting into the spirit will reflect well on your business.

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Go All Out with Decorations

If your storefront is the best-decorated store in the area, you’re sure to get increased foot traffic simply because people are curious. Help drive traffic and brand awareness by going all out with your decorations. Once potential customers approach your store, have something to give them—maybe a flyer, coupon, or a branded promotional product.

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Throw a PartyHalloween Party Flyer Printing

If you own a bar, restaurant, or club, throwing a party is a no-brainer. The festivities will likely draw in quite a crowd. But even if you’re not in the food/drink industry, you can still benefit from throwing a party. Do you own a boutique? Consider hosting a masquerade. Encourage customers to purchase pieces from your store that they can wear to the ball in exchange for a discounted ticket to the event. Masquerade too uppity for your clientele? You can’t go wrong with a traditional costume party, especially if you offer customers an incentive to come. Raffle off prizes at the party, and give customers who come in costume extra entries.

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Host a contest

People love to get creative around Halloween. Take advantage of this with a Pumpkin Carving Contest or DIY Costume Contest. If social media is more your style, organize a Scary Food Instagram Contest and encourage followers to submit photos of the creepiest-looking thing they can cook up. Make sure to give customers a hashtag to use so you can find their photos and reap the benefits of the increased social media exposure. Whatever your business, get creative with a contest.

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