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4 Reasons to Bring Your Bulk Mail Campaign to Elite Flyers

Posted on: April 29th, 2015 by No Comments

When we named our company “Elite Flyers” more than a decade ago, we didn’t do so lightly. Our intention from the very beginning has been to treat our printing clients like royalty, taking care of them like family during every phase of the process.

We’ve been true to that ideal. A glance at our 5-star reviews on Yelp and across the web, along with the long list of repeat business we enjoy, lets us know that we continue to succeed in our mission, even as our product line has continued to expand.

Our commitment to personal, small business customer service with big business discount pricing has made us the number one resource for flyer and business card needs, but that’s far from all. We have also developed a seamless bulk mail campaign service that we want all our clients to know about. Here are four reasons you should choose Elite Flyers for your next bulk mail campaign.

Affordable Graphic Design ServiceReason 1: Cutting Edge Graphics

If you have a mailbox, you know firsthand: people get a lot of mail. If you want your bulk mail campaign to make an impact, it must stand out from the stack of envelopes people are bombarded with every day. Many bulk mail services will ask you to provide your own design for your bulk mail campaign, which can leave you at a loss if you don’t have a graphic designer on staff. Worse, they may ask you to pay one of their designers an exorbitant sum to create your bulk mail graphics.

Elite Flyers’ graphic design team has an array of cutting edge software and the exceptional talent required to bring your ideas to life through powerful imagery. And we offer crazy affordable pricing on our design services. We know how important it is that all your collaterals reflect your brand in a consistent and effective way. We are committed to making your bulk mail campaign catch the recipient’s eye in a way that compels him to curiosity about your offer, without making a dent in your bank account.

ExperienceReason 2: Experience

This ain’t our first rodeo. We’ve been delivering outstanding complete bulk mail services for years, and we’ve worked out a system that hits your target audience precisely. You tell us what neighborhoods or zip codes you would like to saturate, and we make it happen. We also focus on economical bulk mail campaigns that promise a maximum return on your investment.

Reason 3: Speed

We operate with a sense of urgency in all our business, and bulk mail campaigns are no exception. Our team is on-hand to respond personally to your inquiries in an expeditious manner. We treat your business as though it were our business, because from our standpoint, it is.

We are known for our swift response time, from customer service, to design, to printing and mailing. We are committed to working on your timelines and making sure your bulk mail campaign lands in consumers’ mailboxes when you need it to.

The Best Customer ServiceReason 4: Elite Customer Service

We know our clients by name, and they know our names, too. Our personalized customer service and our relentless pursuit of client satisfaction set us miles apart from our competitors.

With a service like bulk mailing, there are many decisions to make and several steps to walk through before the job is complete. Our goal is to make the whole process feel as easy as possible on your end while giving you the results you desire. When it’s finished, our goal is that your business benefits exponentially without a shred of stress on your part.

Ready to take that first step? E-mail the Elite Flyers team (, and we will make your bulk mail campaign project a reality!