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3D Lenticular Business Cards Move Your Clients to Action!

Posted on: July 19th, 2013 by No Comments

Here in Miami, we’re always on the move. Our hips twist to Latin beats, our bodies bounce over white crested waves, and our biceps pump under the weight of heavy dumbbells as we prep our beach-ready bodies. And that’s only the beginning. All over South Florida, our year-round sunny weather makes our region the ideal place to cast off from fishing boats, take bicycle tours, and ride high above the reeds on Everglades airboat tours.

It’s a shame that all this beautiful movement can’t be summarized on the face of your business card.

Oh wait – yes it can!

3D business cards are the hot new business card option that lets you capture the way your business “moves” people on the face of your business card, in vibrant color and mesmerizing movement. (See examples now at These 3D lenticular lens business cards allow you to choose not one but up to three images that show a sequence of still frames that together provide the illusion of movement. It’s like having a mini-movie on your business card! In the day of the video age, these 3D cards are like a non-electronic Snapchat or mini-YouTube video.3D Lenticular Business Cards, 3D Business Cards, Full Color Print Company

Does your dance studio specialize in teaching students to salsa like professionals? If so, your business card should reflect that. You can embed three images of a student or a teacher in various stages of salsa dancing. Seen from different angles, your card will look like it has come to life with dance! The more your card dazzles its recipients, the more likely they will be to go ahead and schedule a class or a lesson. These cards get noticed, and they get results.

If you are in the business of giving tours, you have a number of different choices when it comes to making 3D business cards work for you. You can either embed three images of the same nature, for example your tour boat sailing further and further across the blue water, or three images of different kinds. With this latter idea, we mean you can embed an image of three totally different scenic points on your tours, showing customers the variety of different sights they can expect to see if they decide to sign up with you and venture out.

Gym owners and personal trainers also have a great resource in these 3D lenticular business cards. You can talk all you want about all the transformations you’ve seen your clients make – but with 3-D cards you can actually show before and after results right on the face of your business card. In this scenario, you might opt for the lenticular cards with two images. For the first image, you would use a “before” picture of a client – one in which he or she looks in need of an overhaul. In the second image, you would show the same client after he or she has made use of your services for a while. Of course in this image, the client will look fit and happy. There is no better way to create desire in your potential clients than by showing them what it is that they want to experience – and of course they want to experience results. You can show them these results before you’re even finished introducing yourself when you hand them a 3-D business card that includes before and after results that speak for themselves.

When you’re considering what kind of card you would like to print to represent your business, consider the notion of standing out from the crowd. No one’s interested in an image or style they’ve seen a thousand times before, and there’s no card more innovative or impressive than these lenticular business cards. See examples and how to order easily at!