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Use Spot UV Printing to Promote Your Business for the 4th of July

Posted on: June 11th, 2013 by No Comments

Hooray for the red, white, and blue… and purple, green, yellow, orange, gold, and silver when you print full-color flyers to promote your business this July Fourth. This festive American holiday is always full of sparkly fun, so it makes sense to create 4th of July advertisements that reflect this glittery festivity. Consider using spot UV printing when designing your Fourth of July flyers this year so that your business looks as bright and shiny as a sky full of fireworks!

What Is Spot UV Printing?

Spot UV is a printing technique that in itself does not actually involve ink. Printers at start with a traditionally printed, potentially full-color flyer, printed on 16pt cardstock. Then they apply a glossy thin layer of plastic, only in the areas that you specify in your design. For example, if you print Fourth of July-themed flyers that feature fireworks, you may specify in your design that you’d like spot UV coating applied just over the fireworks in your ad. The finished product will look as though your fireworks are shining as they reflect light off the page. (The “USilk laminated business card with spot UV accent, high quality printing, EliteFlyers.comV” in spot UV comes from the use of ultraviolet light to lock the thin plastic film in place.)

How Can I Use Spot UV to Make My Flyers Look Cool?

Spot UV is an effect that will enhance the look of almost any flyer, but the 4th of July offers a unique opportunity to make excellent use of this printing technique. You can include an image of a night sky on your flyer, and apply spot UV to the stars. This will make it look as though these intergalactic aspects of your flyer are popping off the page! If you’re promoting a Fourth of July party, you can use spot UV to add gloss to the name of your nightclub, lounge or bar, which will attract the eye of the viewer and generate interest (after all, people are innately attracted to light!). You can even use spot UV to create an interesting pattern on your flyer, which will give the appearance of texture. There are infinite possibilities of how to make this technique work on your flyers, especially for a glitzy holiday like the Fourth of July.

A fourth of July flyer, High Quality flyers,“That’s great, but I have no promotion scheduled for the Fourth of July.”

If this is what you’re saying to yourself… well, it’s time to change that! The Fourth of July is a great time to offer a deal at any retail store, restaurant, or club, and the inclusion of “deals” always makes flyers more effective. Why not offer free entry to your club for patrons who are dressed in red white and blue, or offer a free patriotic cocktail to people who present the flyer? If you own a coffee bar, offering a free “American coffee” or an “Americano” when patrons present the flyer is a good way to drive new traffic to your shop. Or if you own a clothing store, you can offer a free gift with purchase. Alternatively, 10% off a shopper’s total purchase is always a hit. The 4th is also a huge holiday for grilling and outdoor picnics, so if you’re in an industry that sells meats, fruits, vegetables, or pre-made salads, it would be smart to use spot UV flyers to steer consumers to your store rather than to the competition. Print a “buy-one-get-one” (or “BOGO”) offer in bold print on your flyer, and use spot UV accents to further highlight the great deal. Do this and you’ll definitely see some new faces (and some extra dollars) in your shop this July Fourth.

Still unsure of how to use this great American holiday to your business’s advantage? Visit for design ideas or to contact an expert who can help!