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Make Ladies Night a Smashing Success with Unique Flyers

Posted on: June 4th, 2013 by No Comments

If you’re in the nightlife industry, you are already aware of some very simple truths. One is that no matter what their socio-economic status, people love free stuff. Another is that men are easy to get into the club – attractive women are more of a challenge, and they drive business like no one and nothing else. You can incorporate both of these truths in your next marketing move by printing unique flyers to advertise a ladies night at your bar or nightclub.

It’s no secret that men spend more money at the club than women do, but in order for them to shell out their hard-earned cash, they have to have incentive to stay at your establishment for a while. The most effective incentive is a flock of beautiful women. One of the greatest ways to get these gorgeous females into your nightclub is to create and market an event geared toward women. To get the word out, you can then print eye-catching, high-quality, full-color flyers and hand them out in places where beautiful women congregate. Go to to order your high-quality, low-price flyers right now.

To be clear, it’s not a good idea to give the impression that your event is ladies-only. Women, just like men, like to go to the club to meet the opposite sex. You just want to use your flyers to make it known that women can expect excellent deals and the royal treatment when they come to your club, especially on the night of your special lady-friendly event. You can do this by printing flyers that highlight the Flyers for ladies night, 16pt card stock flyers, EliteFlyers.comspecial privileges you will afford women at your event. Here are a few examples of bullet points you may want to include on your ladies’ night flyers:

-No Cover for Women Before Midnight

-One Free Cocktail With This Flyer (You may want to specify a lady-friendly drink, like a Cosmopolitan, a glass of champagne, or a Sex on the Beach shot).

-Open Bar for Ladies Before 11 p.m. (when you really want to get the party started right!)

-Contest, with Prize for the Best-Dressed Lady, Best Dance Moves, etc.

-Totally 80s Night with Prize for Best Outfit (For some reason, women love 80s parties!)

-Shock Your Mama Party (Warning: this party theme encourages women to show up scantily-dressed.)

Use your imagination – there are many ways to lure ladies into your club, and your colorful, high-quality flyers are the greatest way to let people know what’s going on.

Designing a Great Flyer

As with anA flyer for ladies night, high quality flyers, EliteFlyers.comy flyer, your ladies’ night flyer should have a design that catches the eye and holds it so that your recipient will be motivated to read and to act. There are some important points to consider when designing your ladies’ night flyer.

Put Most Important Info First

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. What do they need to know? What is going to motivate them to check your club out? If you’re offering free drinks, that’s definitely the most important info. If you have a well-known live music act or internationally-renowned DJ coming in, put that at the top of your flyer. If you’re offering reduced or free cover charge, that should feature prominently on your flyer. Your contact info and address is important, too, but it’s okay to give it a spot toward the bottom of the page – your potential guest will seek it out once you get her interested.

Use Color and Flash

If you’re running a lounge, club, or bar, you want all of your branding to reflect the level of quality patrons can expect at your establishment. To make your ladies’ night flyer stand out, for example, you may want to consider using premium design elements like full-color foil printing, silk lamination, or shiny spot UV accents. Go to to check out all these special effects and to order your ladies’ night flyers today!