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Promote Your Business at Miami HipHop Weekend

Posted on: May 20th, 2013 by No Comments

During Memorial Day weekend (also known as Miami Hip-Hop Weekend), Miami residents and seasonal visitors alike know that the beach swells with tourists looking for a good time. Amid the beach parties, the celebratory mayhem,  and the moans of the city’s permanent residents, local businesses have got to recognize that there is money to be made during these eventful few days. These visitors are bringing in money they intend to spend on fun, food, and drinks. But as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to let our city’s guests know where they can find all of the above! That’s why it’s crucial to advertise yourself heavily during this weekend with promotional flyers, posters, business cards, brochures and more during this all-weekend hip-hop music festival. See a huge and colorful range of options now at

Like all music lovers, the hip-hop music crowd likes to party, and they like to do it in style. This opens up some great opportunities for businesses who offer products or services in line with these party-Bring business to your door with special promotionsgoers’ tastes. Cars and hip-hop, for example, go together like bread and butter. Blinging chrome, tricked out grills, custom paint jobs, and killer stereo systems are all coveted automobile features in the hip-hop community. This is why Miami’s Memorial Day weekend is a great time for custom car shops to create and distribute flyers letting guests know about their locations. In fact, custom car shops would do well to create and distribute these flyers in advance of the weekend, so locals who partake in the festivities have a chance to get ahead of the game. As with any business flyer printing, it pays to offer consumers an incentive to come to your shop on the double. Time-sensitive discount offers or buy-one-get-one offers are always good ways to lure in new money. To make the Flyer Printing For Hiphop Eventsoffers even more appealing, consider using specialty print effects like full-color-foil printing, which brings metallic shine to all the colors of the rainbow, and is sure to command a second (and a third) look.

It’s a no-brainer that visitors during this weekend are looking for the best places to party. Show them the way by advertising your nightclub’s hip hop weekend events with high-impact flyers. You can promote your nightclub’s Memorial Day weekend events with high quality flyers. Again, it’s a good idea to offer a hook, like no cover charge for ladies before midnight, a free Jell-O shot, or a break on bottle service when they present the flyer. Also, there is a lot of nightlife going on during that weekend, so make sure to emphasize the beats and treats that are going to make your club the place to be during the mayhem of Hip Hop Weekend. And it wouldn’t hurt to deck out your flyer with classy effects like silk lamination or spot UV accents. Hell, if you really want to shine above the rest, consider using both of these stunning high end business card and flyer printing elements. Check out these and other killer printing combinations at

People are going to be looking to make memories during “Memorial” Day weekend in Miami and Miami Beach. One brilliant way to make these memories stick is by getting tattoos, as hip-hop fans definitely know. Let potential customers know where they can get inked by printing full color custom flyers with Hand them out on the beach or along Ocean Drive and you’re sure to plant some colorful ideas in our happy tourists’ heads. Check out all our awesome affordable flyer printing offerings now at