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3-D Business Cards

Posted on: April 8th, 2013 by No Comments

“Lenticular” may seem like a big word, but what it means, in simple terms, is a really cool new way you can present yourself and your company to the world. In 3-D! If you thought three-dimensional visuals were only an option at the mega-plex, and, well, in real-life, you used to be right! But now that 3-D business cards have emerged on the printing scene, there’s a whole new world of possibilities for people who like to push the envelop with dynamic marketing materials.

Imagine handing someone a business card that literally pops off the page with images that move with the changing light. That’s exactly what happens when you present people with a 3-D lenticular business card. These 3-D cards actually contain three images in one (or two, depending on your preference). What those images are is up to you. They may be closely related, like different snapshots of the same action (for example, a surfer in various stages of riding a wave). On the other hand, they may be three totally different images that all have something to do with you and your business. For example, if you own a private tutoring company, you may feature a child smiling with a book in her hand as one image, then an image of a test with a big bright “A+” on it (and a gold star, of course), and finally a picture of a group of young students in caps and gowns. The possibilities are endless. No matter which images you choose, your audience will see them all, in eye-popping three-dimensional glory.

3D Lenticular Business Cards, 3D Business Cards, Full Color Print CompanySo how does this whole thing work? Don’t worry, neither you nor your potential customers will need 3-D glasses to capture the cool visuals afforded by this innovative printing technique. Lenticular printing just means that your business card I embedded with rows of optical-grade mini lenses which capture light in various sets of strips on the surface of the card, magnifying the image that is contained within those strips. When you shift the card to different angles, different strips are illuminated and different images are revealed. You’ve got to see it to believe it! If you have never held a 3-D lenticular business card in your hand, it’s a good idea to order a sample pack from a competent printer, requesting specifically to see samples of their 3-D lenticular work. The effect of this printing technique can be truly stunning.

So who should give this printing technique a try? First off, anyone who refuses to let their company image go stale is a good candidate. Secondly, anyone whose business has anything to do with sports, movement, action, or transformation would do well to give these cards a try. If you’re a personal trainer, these kinds of cards are a great way to showcase before and after pictures of a client, or various body building poses of yourself, assuming you’re totally jacked, of course. Before and after pictures would also work for home spaces, if you’re an interior decorator by trade. If you’re an artist or photographer, you can use this business card format to showcase not one but up to three of your favorite paintings, portraits, or landscapes. And hair dressers or cosmetic surgeons could also get pretty creative with this fun printing technique.

If you’re ready to revamp your image, or if you just want to insert a cool conversation piece in your client interactions, 3-D lenticular printing is an excellent, affordable way to inject some flashy fun into what you do. If you like the idea of 3-D lenticular business cards, but aren’t sure where to start, be sure to contact a reputable printer and/or an experienced graphic designer to get some help with the conceptualization and design of your lenticular cards. Before you know it, your company name will be springing right off the page!