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For Immediate Release: Higher Quality Now Standard with Elite Flyers’ 16pt Cardstock

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by No Comments

For Immediate Release:


Elite Flyers
407 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Higher Quality Now Standard with Elite Flyers’ 16pt Cardstock

 World-wide, January 14, 2013 — Given the choice between thicker, higher-quality cardstock and lesser quality 14pt cardstock, anyone would choose the thicker, higher-quality material – especially if the price was right.

Effective immediately, Elite Flyers has made the choice even simpler by eliminating the lower-quality economy printing option so the company can focus full-time on making the best quality more affordable and getting the job done faster than ever before. Elite Flyers is giving clients new and old even more incentive to upgrade the quality of their printed flyers, business cards, postcards, and rack cards by offering 15 percent off any of these products and a choice of UV Lamination, UV Lamination 1 side, or Matte finish. This offer is good all the way up to February 28, 2013. Read on for details.

Elite Flyers has long been known as an affordable and reliable printing company that built its reputation from the ground up, simply by offering all-around superior services. The company is now extending its commitment to quality one step further by refusing to offer anything but the highest quality cardstock for all its printed materials. Streamlining their product line will allow the company to continue to offer the absolute lowest prices on all high-quality printed collaterals, and it will also help them to further expedite the printing process. Currently, turnaround speeds for these products are listed at three to five days. As they complete the shift to only 16pt cardstock materials, however, the company anticipates that turnaround will be even further reduced, at no extra cost to the client.

The 16pt cardstock option offers added durability and a much more attractive look than its lesser, thinner counterpart. All Elite Flyers’ most popular printed products will now be printed on an ultra-high resolution press that results in impressive, high-precision prints every time. To make matters even better, Elite Flyers lets clients choose the finish that will best complement their designs: glossy UV coating on both sides, on one side, or an all-matte finish on both sides.

These superior printed products and snappier delivery times are available from Elite Flyers now, and clients can test them out for a discounted price. Whether you’ve printed with Elite Flyers many times or this is your first go, get 15 percent off all your 16pt cardstock business cards, flyers, postcards, and rack cards when you enter code 15OFF16PT at time of checkout. And remember, you can also choose your finish – glossy on both sides, on one side, or on no sides – at no extra cost.

Elite Flyers has expressed confidence that all clients will enjoy the new streamlined ordering process as well as the thicker, higher quality 16pt cardstock. Again, to experience the difference at 15 percent off, go to and enter code 15OFF16PT at checkout.

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Elite Flyers
800-538-8091 is a globally-active printing company based in Miami Beach, Florida.