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Different Options with Foil Printing

Posted on: January 14th, 2013 by No Comments

Human beings, like moths and petrified deer, are mesmerized by shiny things. We’re drawn to the light and we like to pay top dollar for jewels and accessories that sparkle. But luckily there is one arena in life where you don’t have to fork over a lot of money for things that sparkle. That arena is the world of foil printing (basically, this means printing with metallic accents). Modern printing techniques employed by moderate- to large-scale commercial printers make it not only affordable but also excessively easy to add sparkle and shine to your finished print products.

There are two main types of foil printing: foil stamping and full-color foil printing. Each has specific characteristics, benefits, and costs. Here we will outline the similarities and differences between the two premium printing styles.Foil-Stamped-Silk-Laminated-Business-Cards

Foil stamping is a slightly lower-cost option than full color foil printing, mainly because the process requires fewer steps. Foil stamping essentially means that the printer takes the finished printed paper product (flyers and business cards are popular formats where foil stamping is often used) and then uses heat and pressure to bond the foil (in shades of gold or silver) to the paper backdrop. Depending on the company or person performing the job, this same technique is also known as hot stamping (even though some printers use a “cold stamping” process instead of hot), foil printing, and dry stamping. The end result is a shiny design that reflects attractive light off the page.

Even though this is often thought of as a method of printing, foil stamping is technically not printing because it requires no ink and is a totally “dry” process.

Full color foil flyersFull-color foil printing, on the other hand, does make use of ink. Where foil stamping limits the customer to gold and silver foil accents, full-color foil printing, as the name implies, does not. Any color of the rainbow can be achieved in metallics with full-color foil accenting.

With the full-color foil printing technique, the printer combines high-quality full-color inks and dyes with a foil surface. Together, these two products unite to become one shiny, colorful substance, in any color the designer wishes, which can then be bonded to the finished card or paper surface in much the same way that foil stamped products are created.

Silver foil business cards are a hot item that can be created with the first-mentioned technique, foil-stamping. Silver foil accents can draw welcome attention to key areas of your business card, whether in the name of the business itself, the corporate logo, or a pattern or image you’d like to make pop off the page. Gold foil-stamped business cards are much the same, and can lend an antique or a classic air to your printed product, if your design requires it. The same gold-foil stamping technique can be applied to achieve a modern or elite image as well – the design option is versatile. Your business cards with foil can be anything you make them. It all depends on your vision and use of the technique.

A variety of businesses can also benefit from using full-color foil accents to their flyers, business cards, or both. Full color foil brings the same shine and beauty to your card, but with the added allure of the entire rainbow at your fingertips. This technique is especially useful to people in creative fields who desire a business card that truly “reflects” their innovation and their unique takes on the world.

When straight-up business cards and flyers seem to lack luster, there are two affordable printing methods that can spice up your print project with ease impact. Foil-stamping, in hues of gold or silver, or full-color printing, for companies and individuals who want to shine furiously in all shades known to man, are two premium print options that come at a price you’ll surely be recompensed for in return on investment.