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Custom-Printed Calendars

Posted on: December 27th, 2012 by No Comments

In case you missed the incessant play of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in every pharmacy, department store, restaurant, and public bathroom you set foot in, we’d like to remind you that the holidays are here. It’s time again to spend every spare penny you have to reassure your friends and family that you do indeed care for them – so much so, in fact, that you’d rather they get those sweet faux fur vests they’ve been eyeing in the Nordstrom window (even they live in Miami Beach where the temperature rarely dips below 70 degrees) than be able to comfortably afford groceries for the month. That’s just the type of kind-hearted person you are, and they appreciate you for it… probably.

The good news is, while we can’t help you much with your department store bill, we can help ensure that not all of your holiday shopping has to be so painful and selfless. Shopping for a holiday treat to give your clients and colleagues can be easy, affordable, and offer you a great return as well.

The answer is custom-printed calendars, outfitted with your company’s logo and contact information, as well as any other personalized images you’d like to add. Custom-printed calendars are the perfect present to mail out to your former, current, and future clients during the month of December, since of course the New Year is about to roll around and everyone will need a new wall hanging with which to keep track of what day it is, when little Susie’s next recital is, and when the Volvo is due for another oil change.

Moreover, custom-printed calendars are the gift that keeps on giving… to you! Whether you’re in the business of oral care, real estate, food service, or interior design, a subtly branded calendar is the perfect wayA custom printed calendar to remind your clients of your existence every single day of their lives. Think about it: When your customers are hungry for a piping hot pizza, delivered right to their homes, what are they going to do? Will they go fishing through the cabinets to find a takeout menu they brought home months ago? No! They’re way too hungry for that. Instead, they’ll march right over to the wall where your custom-printed calendar hangs, they’ll find your phone number cleverly printed on the bottom right hand corner, and they’ll dial you up for the cheesy hot pie they crave.

An even cooler aspect of custom-printed wall calendars is the fact that you get to design each page of the book as you see fit. This print project gives you full creative reign. If you are willing to take a little time and effort, you could even include photographs of your staff for each month of the custom-printed calendar. (This works especially well if you run a Hooters or a firehouse, by the way. Ha ha ha.)

On that note, it should be said that it behooves you to make your custom-printed calendar attractive. If you don’t, odds are the majority of your clients will shake their heads at the waste of paper as they slip it into the trash a week after you mail it out. As you design your calendar, think to yourself “Would I hang this on my own wall?” If the answer is no, you had probably better get back to the drawing board … or hire a professional graphic designer to put together something a little spiffier.

If you’re doing the design yourself, make sure to pay attention to the particular specs your chosen printing company lays out as requirements for your calendar. A 12-month calendar can be a big task to take on by yourself – you may want to enlist help from staff or from people you know in the art world. Your printing company may also offer design help that is easily accessible and affordable. Take advantage of this resource if you are stuck! And if all else fails, just simplify your life and design a calendar fridge magnet instead – it won’t be as “in-your-face,” but for such a project you’ll only need one decent design.

Happy New Year!