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Kick Ass Business Cards

Posted on: December 15th, 2012 by No Comments

“Business people” may have had a stuffy reputation in years past. In today’s economy, though, in which entrepreneurship is thriving while the status quo corporate world wanes, “business” doesn’t look the way it used to. CEOs wear Chuck Taylors to work, employees are taking yoga classes on their lunch breaks at their quirky boss’s request, and office buildings are being designed as green spaces that compost apple cores and run partially on solar power. These kick ass new businesses are anything but ordinary. And they deserve to be represented by some KICK ASS BUSINESS CARDS!!!

What are kick ass business cards? Well, that’s open to interpretation. To take a plain old business card into “kick ass” territory, you can play with the traditional size, shape, finish, texture, gloss, material, and colors of a standard business card. You can even design a 3-D card if a mere two dimensions seems inadequate to you. Here are some totally kick ass business card ideas you can explore to make sure your cards are just as cool as your enterprise.3D business cards

Plastic cards: If you want to add pizzazz to your business card, sure, you can add a few colorful accents or a neat font to your design. But for truly kick ass business cards, you’ll have to be a little more creative. Who says business cards need to be made of cardstock? We don’t. In fact, we think it’s pretty kick ass to shun traditional business card wisdom and go for a card that will hold its own through every kind of physical trauma – except maybe a house fire or nuclear war. Plastic cards come in clear plastic, white, and frosted styles, so you can further personalize your kick ass card. We’ve seen people use plastic cards as the backdrop for business cards that mimic the look of credit cards – that’s a pretty fun spin on the traditional card. Plastic cards can also be printed as membership cards or “admit ones” to be handed out at gyms or mailed out with invites to art gallery openings, etc.

Full-color foil business cards: Nothing catches the eye like bright light and color. You can give your card both of these luminescent accents with full color foil printing. When done right, business cards done in this style can rival the sparkly aesthetic appeal of a Chinese New Year parade. Full color foil printing allows you to deck your card out in metallics AND vibrant colors. The process includes bonding foil to the thick 16pt cardstock business cards and swirling potent inks over top, in whatever color combination you desire. The end effect is a magnetically attractive full-color card that screams personality and creativity. Full-color foil business cards are among the most kick ass cards we’ve seen, and they allow for brilliant customization.

full color foil business cards

Functional business cards: When is a business card not just a business card? When it’s also a magnet, a coaster, or a sticker, that’s when! Consider printing your kick ass business card design onto one of these surfaces to maximize its exposure to your target audience. Business card magnets will confront your clientele from the front of your fridge the whole year ‘round, making it much more likely that your customer will call you when he or she is in need of goods or services you offer. You can also print your business card in a square, coaster-like format, and distribute them as party favors at a tradeshow or other special event. This is especially effective if your business is entertainment-related. And finally, you can print your business card info onto a sticker. Hopefully a bunch of hooligans will take a bunch of your business card stickers and plant them all over town. That kind of wild omnipresence is a PR person’s dream come true. Just don’t get arrested plastering your own business card stickers on government buildings or property.

If your business kicks ass, it’s time to step up your business card game to match the “kick assness” of your operation. If none of the above specialty printing techniques is kick ass enough for you, keep in mind that you can always go with 3-D business cards for the ultimate in trippy business card effects. Whatever kick ass card design you choose, you can be sure your efforts will be noticed and rewarded by your potential clientele.