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It’s Better – and Cheaper – to Print with Professionals

Posted on: December 14th, 2012 by No Comments

When you’re trying to decide whether it’s more cost-effective to make dinner at home or to take the family to a restaurant, the choice is obvious. Going out to eat spares you the time it takes to prep and clean up after your meal – but you pay out the wazoo for the service and the supper.

With most things – building a closet, moving furniture, etc. – it’s cheaper to do it yourself. But that’s not the case with printing your own collateral. Even if you have top-notch home or office printing equipment, you simply can’t match the cost-effectiveness of a gang-run online print company. And this is good news for you! It means you get all of the benefit of low-cost, high-quality printing, with none of the work.

Here’s a look at some of online printers’ most popular custom print products, and why you’re better off sending each job to us instead of trying to DIY.

Business cards

Some printers can handle printing on thicker paper, making it possible for you to print your business cards at home. But before you get excited, take a look at the pricing you can expect on the items you need to get the job Foil Stamped Business Cards with Silk Laminationdone. A quick Google search will tell you that the cardstock alone will cost you anywhere from $17 to $45 per pack. Factor in the cost of the ink, which most of us know is best described as sky-high, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up with a bigger bill when you print at home.

Lastly, think of the end result. You’ll be stuck cutting your cards off your sheets one by one with scissors, or with a dangerous paper cutting board that’s liable to slice your fingers off. Not a good idea.

So with the high costs, low quality, and high risks associated with printing business cards at home, it only makes sense to go with a professional company who will do all the work for very little money. You can print 1000 business cards with an online printing company for a measly $35. You could pay that much just for the paper to print your cards at home. And think of all the hassle that comes with taking the project on yourself. You’d have to be crazy not to take advantage of our expertise and low costs on business card printing, unless you enjoy wasting your time and money!

Flyer Printing

It’s true – you can print flyers at home on your own printer. It’s also true that they’ll look like you printed them at home on your home printer, and that’s not a good thing. When your flyers look like they’re cheap scraps of paper, people will treat them as such, quickly tossing them into the nearest garbage can without so much as a second glance. In advertising, no matter what the scale, appearances matter. And that’s why it only makes sense to print your flyers with a professional printer who can get the job done properly the first time around and produce high-quality, eye-catching results you’ll be proud to pass around to potential clients.Printing Flyers to Increase your ROI

As we said, printing flyers at home is possible, but it makes no sense when professional online printing companies are so awesome and efficient when it comes to flyer printing. For some printing companies, like Elite Flyers, based in South Beach it’s the foundation of what they do. They print thousands of flyers every day and use an environmentally-friendly gang run process that saves time and money by running multiple jobs on an industrial-size printer at the same time. Printer ink is expensive when you print at home, and don’t forget you’re stuck painstakingly cutting each of your printed flyers off the sheet once you’re finished. Chances are you’ll end up with some crooked bargain basement-looking flyers you’ll want to hide behind your back instead of shoving into the hands of a hundred passers-by. With professional printers, you can print 1000 high-quality, 16pt cardstock, full-color flyers for only $75. Take that on at home and the ink alone might cost you that much, and we guarantee it will be a messy, all-day project that leaves you with less than desirable results in the end.

So save yourself time, hassle, money, and disappointment and send all your print jobs to the pros. With a few clicks, you’ll get your shiny printed materials, and you’ll be happy you did it the easy way!