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5 Tips for Flyer Design for Landscaping Companies

Posted on: December 10th, 2012 by 2 Comments

Landscape architecture and landscape design are extremely artistic disciplines. To become very successful in these fields, a landscape professional or company has to have a finely tuned eye for aesthetics. People take pride in their property and their land. If they’re going to entrust it to you, they’re going to need to know that you have an impeccable eye. You can show this to them in a multitude of ways. Only one of them is your previous work. The others include your business card, the automobile you use to transport your gear and your people, and the collateral you use to advertise your service.

If you haven’t considered flyer printing to help broaden your business’s reach, now is the time to do so. In an age where people are bombarded by digital and electronic media, actual physical offers are actually appreciated even more by many, if only for the fact that they have become so rare. Postcards, flyers, brochures, and the like have become near oddities, so if you can get one into a potential client’s hand, you have already made an important connection.

So once you have decided that flyer and/or postcard distribution are marketing efforts you are interested in pursuing, the next step is figuring out how to represent yourself in these media. There are so many ways to be creative while producing your project – your options are basically endless. This freedom can be daunting for some, so we decided to offer a short list of ideas to help steer your landscape company flyer design in the right direction.

1. Use the color green.

Flyer design for landscapers
It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but we couldn’t leave it unsaid. Almost every effective landscape designer flyer we’ve ever seen as incorporated at least some of this earthy, natural color. This doesn’t mean it has to be all green – although that can be cool, too. But using green as a spacer between floral designs on your flyer can also convey the right balance of earthly wonder and human influence. Using lots of green immediately gets your recipient in the right headspace to receive your message, even before he or she has a chance to read a single word you’ve written on your flyer.

2. Use plenty of images.

Landscape design is an ART. It doesn’t matter if you are grooming elementary schools’ shrubs, mowing lawns, or planting petunias in the Royal Gardens –  you should represent yourself and your landscaping company as the artistic entity it is. This means using illustrations or photographs that will dazzle the eye. They could be snapshots of work you’ve done, or just images of flowers you like. Regardless, give your prospective customer something beautiful to look at when you hand over your flyer.

3. Include easy-to-read and helpful text.

You don’t have to include your whole price list on your flyer, but you should include every bit of pertinent contact info. Your company’s email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (great social media tool for landscape artists, in our opinion), and of course your office’s physical address are all important pieces of information to lay out in an easy-access format.

4. Include a “special offer.”

Landscaping business cardsEven among the wealthy, purse strings are a bit tight these days. That’s why it’s a good idea to include an alluring special offer in the crafting of your landscape design flyer . It might be a great deal on one of the most beloved plants for your region, a 10 percent discount on a design and installation package, a free consultation and quote, or an incentive to refer clients ($100 for the referral, for example).

•    Create a high-quality flyer to build customer confidence in your service.
Wealth attracts wealth. When you put together an attractive, expensive-looking (it doesn’t really have to be expensive – just “expensive-looking”) flyer for his or her perusal, he or she will subconsciously get the message that your company is doing well. This inspires the subconscious thought that you are making money, which inspires the thought that you have a lot of clients, which sparks the idea that you probably are good at what you do. So give your clients something well-designed, sturdy, and pretty to look at, and it will say so much more about your company than you ever anticipated.

A full-color flyer, printed on high-quality 16pt cardstock, accented with special elements like glossy spot UV or foil stamping, can be the bridge that connects you to a host of new clients for your landscape architecture. For a very small investment, you can print a huge stack of beautiful flyers to represent the great work you do, and start reeling in new people who want you to get your hands on their yards.