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How to Make the Most of Your Online Printing Company

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by No Comments

When it comes to printing business cards, flyers, booklets, or even magazines, there are a ton of options out there, and many of them are relatively low-cost. This is because most of the larger online printing companies have wised up and are using the same gang-run print process that their competitors are using. This gang-run process means that an online printing company can run several jobs on the same machine at the same time, minimizing waste, time, and resources (like ink) so they can offer customers an affordable product that’s still of a very high quality.

This is a big win for the consumer. It means they’re guaranteed to get a low price on the most popular printed items as long as they do minimal comparison-shopping for their online printing company. But it may leave would-be customers with one dilemma: how does one choose a company with which to print?

Here are some tips for choosing your printer, and also for maximizing your experience with your online printing company.

  • Read online reviews.

The reliability of online reviews is somewhat dubious. Some online printing companies have enlisted people to write positive reviews for their services. But these are usually easy to spot. Look for reviews that give details about what job was printed, exactly what the turnaround was, personal accounts of their reactions to or uses of the printed products, etc. While it’s not a foolproof plan, these are generally the reviews you can trust. Don’t simply look for stellar reviews, but also reviews that detail how a company fixed things that went wrong. If someone’s business cards were left by the shipping company on the customer’s steps, and they got wet and ruined in the rain, did the online printing company correct the problem, promptly and with a smile? These are the kinds of things you want to know about a printer you’re thinking of doing business with.

The best way to know whether an online printer is cranking out the kinds of printed products you want to buy is to take a look at the printed products themselves, and to get your hands on them to check for thickness and texture as well. Many online printing companies will send you a sample pack of the types of materials you’re thinking of printing. Most will do it free of charge. If your potential printing company does not offer this service, you may want to think twice about printing with them.

  • Call customer serviceA customer service representative

Online reviews are helpful, but they can be misleading. We’re not suggesting that you waste anyone’s time, but it can be a good idea to give a little call to the printing company’s customer service team to see what you can expect as far as wait times, friendliness, and expertise, should a problem ever arise with your orders. This is an especially good idea if you print things frequently and in large volume; you want to know whom you’re working with!

  • Get advice as you design your project

If you’re stuck in designing your business card – for example, if you’re not sure whether you’ve made the margins big enough, or if you’re not sure if your design will look good on a frosted plastic card or if you’d be better off using silk lamination on a typical 16pt cardstock business card, remember that you’ve got people at your online printing company. Or you should, anyway. Remember, printers know that they’re competing for your business, and they want to win. So don’t be afraid to take them up on their offers for help in designing your printed materials. For that matter don’t be hesitant to inquire about, discounts, holiday promotions, and freebies. They should be happy to earn your business and to keep it. If they appear to be less than thrilled to assist you, it’s probably a good idea to start shopping around. You’ve got plenty of options when choosing an online printer, so there is no need to settle for less than rock star treatment.

  • Write reviews

There is no law that states that you have to help others find a great online printing company just because you have, but it would be an investment in good karma if you did offer people some guidance so they can be just as satisfied as you were – especially if you found reviews helpful in guiding your search for a great online printer. At the same time, don’t be shy about writing negative reviews if you feel like you got the short end of the stick with your chosen online printer. You’ll be doing everyone a favor – even the company, because hopefully your words will encourage those in charge to improve service and better serve clients.