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Choosing a Printer

Posted on: September 20th, 2012 by No Comments

Okay, we’re printers, so of course we think you should choose us for all your printing needs. But we’re also real people who like to be helpful, so we want to offer up some truly useful advice that will fill you with confidence when you’re choosing a printer from among the million or so companies competing for your business today.

  1. Decide what you need from your printer.

Is your objective simply to get a stack of functional business cards, without consideration for quality? Do you want a high impact flyer with outstanding visual elements like metallic accents or silk lamination? Are you printing a reproduction of a piece of artwork that demands near-perfect color replication? Do you need support from a design team or strong customer service department? All of these factors should go into your ultimate choice of printer.Elite Flyers business cards

  1. Search and compare product prices.

Many printers offer the same services at prices that vary widely. There may be a reason that the prices for plastic business cards at one printer are different than those at another – or there may not be. It will take a little investigation, but you should check out whether the thickness of the cards varies, whether the options are more plentiful at one printer, or whether one is truly just a way better deal than another. You will probably find that there is no one printer that has the best prices on every single service, but you may still want to stick with a single printer for all your printing needs to simplify the order process.

  1. Search and compare product offerings.

Some printing companies offer a very narrow spectrum of print products. That’s cool if you only need one simple print job done. But if you have a specialty job – for example, if you want to print an abnormal business card  size, require 3D lenticular effects , or want to print sports bottles  for a corporate event, you’ll want to choose a company that offers a wide variety of custom print services.

  1. Pay attention to shipping costs and speeds.shipping options

Many printers offer apparently low prices, but if you read carefully, they may not be able to deliver your product for a month or longer unless you pay an exorbitant cost for shipping and handling. It’s better to find a printer that offers reasonable shipping costs and speeds so that you are not shocked by added costs when you finally check out.

  1. Order a sample pack

Some print companies offer you the option of checking out physical samples of their work before you order custom-printed products from them. This is a good idea not only because it lets you see what level of quality to expect, but also because the samples you receive may give you ideas of elements you want to incorporate in your own print work.

  1. Test out customer service.

Even before you order, call the customer service hotline and or shoot the company an email. See how quickly they respond and check the level of friendliness and helpfulness you are met with. In the print business, sometimes talks need to be had if a finished print product differs from a client’s expectations. It’s part of any business. What’s important is how a print company is able to respond and remedy the situation in the event that things aren’t perfect right away.