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Wrist Band Printing

Posted on: September 17th, 2012 by 3 Comments

Elite Flyers is based in Miami, a known party city that has a disproportionately high need for wristbands. Many of the hottest clubs and festivals on the scene utilize custom-printed wristbands as a means of identifying people who have paid an entry fee – or people who have reached the legal drinking age – and people who haven’t. We’ve helped countless businesses make use of this simple tool, and we’ve learned a few things about successful wristband printing and use, and we’re going to share this useful knowledge with you right now.

First things first: when you’re printing wristbands for your event, make sure that you investigate to make sure the wristbands you’re using aren’t easily transferable. There are low-quality wristbands out there that stick on and off easily, meaning that a guest can leave a concert or club, remove his wristband and put it on a friend’s wrist, giving that person free access to your party. If your cover charge is $20, you just lost that much money. If the word spreads and it happens twenty times, you lose $400. You get the picture. The amount you save by printing on crappy wristbands is not worth the potential loss that can occur if you use transferable wristbands. You want a product that will stick on once and then come off only by ripping or cutting the band away. Elite Flyers uses Tyvek wristbands, which have this quality, while still remaining cheap. We print them for less than 9 cents each if you print in higher quantities. We found this product by trial and error so that you don’t have to. festival goers

The next thing to think about with wrist bands is color coding. If you’re hosting a nightly party or a festival that spans several days, it makes sense that you should print several different color bands. Party goers can be very innovative when it comes to saving money on cover charges. Many of them will be all too eager to keep the same band on for one, two, three days or even longer if it means they’ll be able to sneak their way past the door without paying. If you give out a hot pink band two days in a row, you’re running the risk of people re-using their band from the previous night to dodge the cover charge. Your best bet is to print wristbands in as many colors as you can, and to vary the nights you use them unpredictably. This is how you can best avoid loss by sneaky, cheap club kids. Elite Flyers offers 11 different wrist band colors, so you’ll have no problem creating an array of bands to keep your customers guessing.  

Finally, we definitely see more nightclubs and concert organizations ordering wristbands than any other institutions, but we’re also seeing more creative uses for wristbands all the time. Schools buy them to give to kids during field trips, so that chaperons who may not know every student can quickly look through a crowd and identify with children belong to the group. Bright colored wristbands are the obvious favorite for jobs like these. As Spartan races and other extreme sporting events become more popular, we are also seeing an increased use of wristbands to identify paid participants and even to note which “heat” or start time participants belong to. Wrist bands are an inexpensive way to print a wearable, encouraging message for a political campaign or charitable cause; you get much more bang for your buck with bands than you do with, say, custom-printed T-shirts, and yet they give participants a similar sense of enthusiasm and belonging.

Elite Flyers’ wrist bands are 1” wide and printed in black ink only. Contact our designers if you have questions about laying out your wristbands, or if you want more information on the product itself.