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Multi-Purpose Flyers Work As Coasters, Bookmarks, and More

Posted on: September 10th, 2012 by No Comments

In this age when hipsters alter their own clothes, hip hoppers order one-of-a-kind custom Nike Air Force 1 shoes, and Starbucks offers at least 87,000 unique beverage combinations to its caffeinated clientele, consumers are just not content with the “one size fits all” approach to anything. That’s why Elite Flyers offers 17 different size flyers, printed on either 14 or 16pt card stock.

The various flyer sizes open up a lot of creative uses for our custom printed flyers. But just in case you don’t have time to stare at all the options and brainstorm alternative uses for them, we took the liberty of doing it for you.

The flyer size: 8.5”x2.75” 

The alternative use: bookmarksCD Insert

Just because the name of the company is “Elite Flyers,” that doesn’t mean that’s all we print. Think about it: It would be a hard sell if our name was “Elite Bookmarks,” now wouldn’t it? But our 8.5”x2.75” flyer size is perfect for printing customized bookmarks to mark the reader’s page. These are great for book stores, newsstands, libraries, schools and scholastic functions.

The flyer size: 4.75”x4.75” 

The alternative use: coasters

Print these square flyers on Elite Flyers’ thick 16pt cardstock, and you’ve suddenly got a flyer you can plop a drink on without staining the table. This design project is a great idea for wine or liquor stores – you can advertise your shop in a fun, unique format, and then later your customers can set your product down on the advertisement you handed them. How’s that for functionality? These work for nightclubs, too. As soon as you put a coaster-shaped flyer in a customer’s hand, guess what? He’s thinking about drinking. Capitalize on this!

The flyer size: 2.5”x2.5” 

The alternative use: CD inserts

We don’t mean CD booklets here. We actually mean you can use these tiny square flyers as little inserts to shove into CD booklets or cases. They’re a fantastic format in which to print your band’s Twitter or Facebook URLs or scan codes so that fans can easily look you up online increase your internet fan base.

The flyer size: 4”x6” OR 5”x7” OR 6”x9”

The alternative use: postcards

A postcard for a bee keeperWho said you can’t mail a flyer? Oh, wait, no one said that. But that’s not the point. The point is that you can easily print ready-to-mail postcards on any of our three standard postcard-size flyer formats. For casual reminders that clients should schedule annual appointments, you may go with the understated 4”x6” postcards/flyers. If your message is a little bolder – say you have a great sale going on at your clothing store – the 5”x7” flyer size will catch their attention. But if your news is really big – like you’re opening a brand new business, or heck, you’re running for mayor – you’ve got to go with the super-size flyer/postcard size – the 6”x9” design! That’s the biggest news the postal service will deliver for the cost of a postcard stamp. Make it work for you!

So you see, just because we call them “flyers” doesn’t mean they can’t “fly” as other things too. Get creative and use our cost-effective flyer printing services to get your message in books, under drinks, in post boxes, and everywhere else you can sneak it in!