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Beyond the Internet: How to Broaden Your Business’ Reach in the Real World

Posted on: July 26th, 2012 by No Comments

There are a million ways to drive more people to your business’s website. But in our experience, some of the most important business connections stem from real-life, in-person interactions with other human beings… not cold, hard-wired machines. Here are some tips for actively improving your chances of making headway in business through your daily interactions.

1. Talk about work all the time

We know, this may sound horrible. There is nothing worse than people who drone on about boring projects they’re involved in at their place of business, or the stacks of paperwork on their desks. But find an inspiring or positive aspect of your business – for example, if you’re a candle-making company, mention the delicious scents you’re so spoiled to be around all day. If you’re a financial planner, mention how relieved you are that you just helped a client finally get out of the weeds. You can mention these things whenever conversation arises at the grocery store, the coffee shop, a bar, while waiting for your daughter’s dance class to end… you name it. It doesn’t sound like you’re pitching anything, but it still may plant a seed in your listener’s ear and it may inspire him or her to inquire more about your business. And if not, it will just lead to more friendly and enjoyable conversation.

2. Always have your business card handyRouded corner business cards

After you’re done dropping a few subtle details about your work, your listener may well be interested in finding out more about what you do. Having your business card on hand will give him or her an easy way to contact you about potential questions or orders. Giving out your phone number or scribbling something on a piece of paper is simply not as professional or as impactful. Plus, if your card is well-designed, or printed on a standout material like clear plastic, your new contact will already get a bit of a flavor of your company’s image.

3. Wear a company t-shirt or hat

You’d be surprised how many people will inquire about the interesting-looking t-shirt you’re wearing – especially if your shirt is a bit witty and leaves something to the imagination. We know a guy who has his own primal diet and exercise company (a lifestyle based on eating and working out “like a caveman”). He had a specialty hat made A custom printed shirtfor himself that says “Grok” in an attractive green font. “Grok” is the name of the caveman mascot of the primal diet, but most people don’t know that. Curious people ask him every single day what the word on his hat means, giving him frequent opportunities to explain his company’s philosophy and the effectiveness of his program. Do something similar to this in order to quickly boost your clientele.

4. Get out there

Many entrepreneurs these days work from home. This is fantastically convenient, as it allows the business owner to work in the comfort of his or her pajamas. The drawback is that it severely limits one’s ability to network with any regularity. Starbucks and other WiFi cafes are teeming with other professionals engaged in a huge variety of enterprises, many of which may intersect with your own. You will never know unless you get out there. So if you normally work from home or from a lonely office, make a decision to work at least a few hours from one of these entrepreneurial hotspots at least a few times a week. The more regularly you go to one of these cafes, the more likely it is that you’ll find yourself engaged in conversations that lead to collaborations or other business relationships. You might also discover ideas you hadn’t thought of for increasing your business’s success on or offline.