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4 Reasons You Still Need a Letterhead in the Digital Age

Posted on: June 20th, 2018 by No Comments

In the age where emails RULE, you may think your business may not need letterhead. Though the world is more tech-centered than ever, letterhead still plays an important role in business. Here are 4 reasons you still need a custom letterhead.

Promote a Professional Image

Most, if not all, big companies have letterheads. If you encountered a company that did not have a letterhead, chances are you would not perceive them as a professional, powerful company—even if the company did fantastic work. A custom company letterhead promotes a professional image, especially for sales letters. A great image and a fantastic first impression goes a long way.

Build your Brand

We’ve all heard of branding, and there’s a reason for that. A uniform image makes you recognizable to customers. A branded letterhead only serves to reinforce your brand and build your image. Sending out a plain, unbranded letter is a wasted opportunity. A custom letterhead is a valuable, yet easy and accessible, way to build your brand.

Share Contact Info

In addition to the info you’re sharing in the actual letter, a letterhead is a convenient place to share contact information. When someone needs to respond to your letter, they won’t have to go searching for your address or email because it will be right there alongside whatever they’re responding to. Make things simple and convenient for your clients: have a company letterhead with your business’s contact info clearly stated.

Give your Company Credibility

A dedicated company letterhead gives customers confidence in your company. Think about it: a plain, white letter with no branding is a red flag—it means your company has not spent the time or effort to create a letterhead. A customer may think you are amateur, new, or worse—not a real company. A professional, custom letterhead instills confidence in your business.

A customized letterhead is a valuable tool even in the digital age. To choose your paper stock and start customizing your company letterhead, head over to elite flyer’s stationery products.