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Marketing to Children: How to Reach Your Littlest Customers

Posted on: August 24th, 2016 by Lorena Fernandez 1 Comment

To reach a child, we must also reach the parent. If you impress the child, you’ll likely delight the parent. But how does one market to a child? In a world dominated by sales, returns, and consumer logic, how does one get back to the basics of impressing and intriguing a child? If you’re a doctor or a dentist, a tutor or a psychologist, you know the struggle: it’s not always easy to make a little human smile. But if your business is kid-friendly and provides kid-approved promo products like the ones below, chances are both child and parent will come away with a positive opinion of your company.


Kids love stickers and so should you—they have an immediate payoff, they’re easy to implement, and they’re budget-friendly. Ppaper-stickers_01lus, designing a sticker kids will love is easier than you might think. Try using your regular branding in a more kid-friendly way. For instance, you could have an artist make a cartoon version of your logo to feature on the sticker. If you want to go a more traditional route, play to the child’s sense of pride and fulfillment. On the way out, offer them a sticker that says something like “My tutor gave me an A+” or “I was brave today!” This not only gives the child a reason to smile (because they’ve made you proud), but it will also make them more than happy to wear it around for a while (giving your brand more exposure).

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Bookmarks are a great way to advertise because a child will gladly take something for free—especially if it looks cool and they see an immediate use for it. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how bookmarks can be used to subtlybookmark-printing remind your little customers of you and your business. If you’re a tutor, you may want to give your students something to remind them of you so they remember to study or do their homework. Non-profits may use bookmarks to instill something important—maybe the importance of wearing a seatbelt or talking to an adult they   trust if they’re being bullied. Your message will be gently reinforced every time they open their book, and parents will appreciate the subtle encouragement to read. When designing your bookmarks, remember to keep kids in mind—bright colors, cartoon graphics, and simple wording will help get your message across most effectively.

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Greeting Cards

There’s no getting around it—kids love to feel special. Imagine the look on a child’s face when they get a cool greeting card in the full-color-foil-greeting-cards-custom-printed-16pt-cardstock_1mail from their favorite doctor. You’ll be on that child’s mind and their opinion of you will immediately skyrocket. If the child is particularly impressed, you may even benefit from the child asking the parent when they can go see you again. We suggest addressing the card to the child directly—the parent will likely be happy to present it to their child simply because they know it has a great chance of making the child smile. You can mail cards for the holiday season, for the child’s birthday, or to indicate a yearly checkup should be scheduled.

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