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Rounded Edge Business Cards

Posted on: September 18th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

Shapes inspire emotions in people. Subconsciously, we perceive shapes with sharp edges as harsh, stern, and serious, just as we perceive people with “sharp” features as being more “business” than people with soft, rounded features. Go ahead, visualize a face, male or female, with soft, supple rounded cheeks, a circular nose, big round eyes, and plump lips. Now contrast this with an image of a person who has a sharp jawline, a long, angular nose, small slitted eyes, and a thin-lipped mouth. Which seems more welcoming? More nurturing? Which seems to be “all business, no nonsense?” Nearly everyone would agree that the rounded features make a person’s face more approachable.

Believe it or not, this truth translates to all sorts of aspects of life. In building design, if an architect wants to achieve a homey, warm aesthetic, he will design his building with some rounded windows or corners, a domed roof, and/or circular winding staircases. Painters use soft brushstrokes when trying to achieve a gentle effect, and sharp ones with harsh endpoints when going for a feel of tension and severity.

And this same truth pervades even the business card world.

For many companies, having a “businessy” sharp-edged corner on their cards is just fine. Banks, lawyers, financial advisors, investment brokers, and other professionals may truly wish to convey a serious, no-nonsense, and rigid image. These workers would probably do well to stick to the traditional sharp corners of the typical business card.

For those who would prefer a softer, more approachable look, though, rounded-edge business cards are a simple yet incredible impactful premium business card option. It’s incredible howUnique rounded edge business cards this tiny change – a simple softening of a corner – can completely alter the way your card, and therefore your business, is perceived.

Are Rounded Edge Business Cards Right for You?

Before you take the plunge and download a rounded edge business card template, you may want to consider whether this approach is a good fit for your business. Let’s say that you have developed a shared office space that people can rent by the hour. Your marketing mission is to draw people to the space, to make them feel that they will be at “home,” even though they are simply renting a piece of your floor plan for a few hours. You want all of your marketing materials – your website, your brochures, and your business cards – to convey a sense of ease and approachability. If your situation is similar to this and your marketing objective is comparable, you would probably do well to design a rounded edge business card.

How to Design a Rounded Edge Business Card

To design a rounded edge business card, yoA foil stamped business card with round cornersu would start by simply downloading a template that features the rounded edge design you like. Keep in mind that not all rounded edge business cards are created equal. For example, you may have a choice between ¼” radius and 1/8” radius rounded cards. The smaller the radius, the “sharper” the rounded corner. The larger the radius, the “rounder” the rounded corner.

How Round Should I Go?

Whether to choose a card with an only slightly rounded edge or a more dramatically curved rounded edge is really up to you. Think of how the rounded edge will flow with the rest of your design, alongside the image you want to convey. A very rounded edge paints a very soft image and can even appear feminine. Less rounded corners are less so. A good idea is to try your design in both templates with your design software before you print so you can preview for yourself how each would look.

No matter what, you’ll end up with a “well-rounded” card! 😉