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Get Ready for Football Season!

Posted on: August 28th, 2013 by No Comments

September 6th marks the beginning of football season, and if you’re in the sports bar business, this time of year is one you can’t exploit enough! As fans catch football fever once again, they are going to need a place to gather, where they can hoot, holler, and swill their favorite ale as their favorite players match guts and skill out on the 50-yard line. How can you ensure that these crazed sports lunatics make YOUR bar their favorite hot spot? It’s really not that hard. All you have to do is make them an offer they can’t refuse. In case you’re not aware, such an offer will most likely entail beer, food, and lots of televisions. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of this season for you and your establishment.

According to, the nine things to look for in a great sports bar are these, from least to most important:

  1. Cute waitresses
  2. Bar Games
  3. Bulk Alcohol
  4. The “Right” Fans
  5. Sound
  6. The “Right” Number of TVsFootball flyers
  7. Good Bar Food
  8. Comfortable Seating
  9. Crowded (but not too Crowded)

Now, the approach the author took in compiling this list may not have been the most scientific, but that hardly matters. He makes some great points, and you, sports bar owner, should consider all of them in composing your marketing strategy as football season approaches.

Tip One: Put a picture of pretty waitresses on your flyers.

It may seem cliché, but we all know that sex appeal sells. You don’t have to ask your waitresses to put on Hooters-style apparel for the photo shoot, but it can’t hurt to show off some of your most attractive wait staff. To boost her morale and/or ego, you may consider paying your selected model waitress for her camera-ready “talent.”

Sports bar marketingTip Two: Up the Ante on Your Bar Games

If you currently have a pool table or two in your bar, great. Why not start a weekly tournament that people can follow through Facebook? You can also distribute flyers throughout the neighborhood to lure in fresh pool-loving blood. Also try implementing less traveled bar games, like darts, beer pong (also a great tournament game), flip cup, or trivia night. (Of course, be careful with drinking games like flip cup and beer pong. If having a tournament in these games, you may consider having participants sign some sort of waiver.)

Tip Three: Offer a Great Special!

Want to get all the football fans in your bar stools? Cheap drinks, and plenty of them, are the way to any beer-drinking football fan’s heart. Advertise low-cost draft pitchers ($5 domestic pitchers? You’ll be beating them off with a stick.). An

d for the most part, you can be sure you’ll more than recoup your profits once the munchies set in and your patrons start ordering basket upon basket of bar food.

football-season-flyerTip Four: Set the Mood

No, you’re not planning for a romantic evening with the football fans, but you still want to feng shui your bar somewhat to make it more attractive for these people. When sports fans go to a sports bar, they generally want to feel like it’s their living room, except a lot more fun. As the author outlined, fans want comfortable seating (bar stools with back support, and maybe even some cushy arm chairs in one area of the bar), good sound, a television within sight no matter where you go, and enough room to move (but not so much that it feels like the place ain’t happenin’). As you prepare for football season, it can’t hurt to consult a few friends or an interior designer to help you rearrange your bar’s furniture and A/V equipment for optimum comfort. Then let people know about your “home improvements” with some flyers that advertise a “renovation drink special!”

Turn your attention to these simple strategies and upgrades, and football season is sure to be a “touchdown” for your establishment. To print flyers for your business, visit Elite Flyers today