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Rack Cards and Brochures for Doctors

Posted on: August 7th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel 1 Comment

There’s no avoiding certain facts of life. We all will die, we all pay taxes … and we all will spend time waiting for our names to be called in doctors’ and dentists’ offices. If you are a doctor or a dentist, this shouldn’t make you feel bad. It’s a universal reality. Of course any good practice strives to keep this waiting to a minimum, but if it must exist at all, why not put that waiting time and the waiting space to good use? How, you may ask? Well, by printing and displaying brochures and rack cards for your patients to browse while they wait for their appointments!

It’s a funny thing about us patients – no matter how many times we have waited in doctors’ offices, we always think the next time will be different. We almost never bring a book or a puzzle to do, maybe because we think that if we don’t come prepared to wait, we will magically avoid the inevitable wait time. Well, this never, ever works. And so we’re always stuck in the waiting room, twiddling our thumbs until we get bored enough to reach for that old issue of Cat Fancy Magazine, or whatever else happens to be lying around on the coffee table.

This is a wasted marketing opportunity if we’ve ever seen one. For doctors, this patient down-time is a golden chance to fill your patients hands and heads with literature about all the services you offer.Brochures for medical procedures

For example, dentists can print and strategically place pamphlets about sought-after elective treatments like teeth whitening, Invisalign, adult braces, veneers, Lumineers, tooth resurfacing, and much more. Offices that offer rare services like in-house crown manufacturing can also advertise this with pamphlets, brochures, and rack cards. When you have such pamphlets on display in your waiting room, your patients will reach for this literature, and before you know it, their heads are spinning around the idea of getting a treatment that will make their smiles all the brighter.

Doctors can also use brochures and rack cards as a means to inform their patients about the importance of scheduling important exams, like mammograms and prostate exams, about breakthroughs in prescription drugs, cancer treatments, and so much more. If there is something you would like your patients to know, brochures, rack cards, and pamphlets are an excellent way to spread the word.

Beyond life-threatening medical issues, plastic and cosmetic surgeons would do well to make use of rack cards and brochures to keep loyal patients up to speed on all the cutting edge cosmetic procedures that are available. Again, the waiting room is an excellent place to plant seeds in the heads of the people who already are fans of your work.A rack card for doctors

Elite Flyers offers lots of options when it comes to rack cards and brochures, and one is sure to fit your needs. Magazine stock, glossy spot UV accents, 14pt cardstock, and six different folding options, including tri-fold and accordion fold, are all at your disposal. All you have to do is figure out what information you’d like to share with your patients in order to better and more effectively build your business – while simultaneously increasing patient happiness – and then go for it. Don’t have the time to write brochures? Hiring a copywriter and a graphic designer are useful options. If you have the text and the vision, on the other hand, you can email directly and they can help you with a design that fits your needs, that will attract your patients’ eyes as they scan the waiting room for something to do, and that will cost you very little. Elite Flyers will also take care of your high quality brochure and rack card printing for some of the lowest prices in the industry, and with lightning fast turnaround times.

So if they must wait, at least put that waiting time to good use! Get informative brochures in your patients’ hands by going to Elite Flyers today!