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Your Band Needs Merch. We Got That.

Posted on: July 18th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

When you make the decision to form or join a band, you’re taking a number of admirable risks. You’re facing the risk that people will laugh, that it’ll be hard to find gigs, and that you won’t be any good or at least that people won’t like you. You’re taking a risk simply by announcing to the world that you think of yourself as a musician and that you might be so good that other people will even pay to hear you. You’re risking your livelihood by choosing to pursue music when other careers are almost definitely more lucrative, and on top of that you’re likely to buy expensive equipment that only deepens your investment in a career path where success is elusive to say the least. Even for the casual musician who maintains a 9 to 5, there’s a lot to be said for having the audacity to play in a band.

So you’ve taken the plunge on this whole music thing, and you’ve managed to link up with some like-minded creative types who complement your sound, AND you’ve even gone ahead and found yourself a name. After all that risk taking and investment of time and money, don’t sell yourself or your band short – you’ve got to let people know! And one of the best ways to get the word out about your band is to create thought-provoking and eye-catching merch your fans will love to wear and that you’ll love to see popping up all over town.Custom white vinyl stickers, band stickers,

In case you hadn’t already figured this out, one of the essential merchandise items every band must have is a sticker. Stickers representing bands can be seen all over America, coating park benches, poles, and street signs (we’re not saying that you should put your sticker on public property – we’re just saying that we SEE it). You’ve got to admit, once you’ve seen a remarkable sticker plastered on about a dozen different fixtures all over town, you start to get curious about what that sticker represents. This kind of guerrilla, grassroots advertising is what provokes a lot of people to get to their computers and look up your band’s website. Yes, it all starts with stickers, and you’ve got nothing but choices when it comes to what yours will look like., one of the industry leaders in sticker printing of all kinds, gives you options, like static cling stickers, white vinyl stickers, paper stickers, and clear vinyl stickers. Prices are low, quality is high, and you can always turn a profit on the stickers you print for your band by selling them to fans, rather than just giving them away. So you make money, plus your fans are driving all over town with your band name clinging to their back bumpers – it’s a win-win.

Custom silk screening, band t-shirts, EliteFlyers.comAnother great merchandise item to promote the band you’ve put so much passion into? T-shirts. T-shirts are fantastic, because first of all, people love them and are more than willing to shell out a few bucks for a high quality shirt. Secondly, when your fans buy and wear your shirt, obviously that serves to build more buzz around your group. Custom printed t-shirts are also an excellent giveaway item or prize if you’re running a contest on Facebook or Twitter, or even live at a show. Again, EliteFlyers has an awesome selection of colors and sizes on our custom T-shirts, and the design is totally up to you, unless you’d like help from one of’s expert designers.

If the name didn’t give it away, Elite Flyers also specializes in the single most crucial item in band promotion: flyers! creates your custom flyers in all sizes, with many premium effects at your disposal, such as silk lamination and full-color foil. There are keychain lights you can customize, pens, banners… the sky’s the limit when you work with So don’t wait to get your band the recognition it deserves – create your custom swag today!