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Home Design and Remodeling Show 2013: Promote Your Booth Affordably

Posted on: July 8th, 2013 by No Comments

If you’re in the interior (or exterior) home design business, the Home Design and Remodeling Show is an unparalleled opportunity. With it, you can access customers who are already “warm” or even “hot” to the idea of hiring your company or buying your products to assist with their personal or business design projects. Coming to Miami August 30 to September 3 (and then again this March), and to Fort Lauderdale November 15 to 17 (and then again in late May), this expo is a chance you don’t want to miss. And once you’ve secured your booth at the event or events, you will want to maximize your gains from this great opportunity. There is no better way to do that than to promote your booth with high quality flyers, and has them at the best prices in the industry, along with a host of innovative giveaway items for your booth at the Convention Center. Check out all our remarkable products at our website:

Whether you offer fine home furniture, kitchen and bath fixtures, home theater products, remodeling or renovation, hot tub, pool, or spa installation, landscaping services, interior design expertise, or home improvements, the Home Design and Remodeling Show has a place for you. At the show, you have the potential to sell your products and services right on the floor of the Miami Beach Convention Center, or to gain leads for future follow up. It’s a great chance to develop a call list as well. And it works. According to the show website, show exhibitors say their sales go through the roof after the shows, setting new company records. That’s what happens when you market to a targeted audience of receptive consumers. After all, you’re not exactly going to go the Home Design Show if you’re not in the market for some upgrades to your home.Custom expo flyers, home expo flyers,

But in case you didn’t realize, both the Miami Beach Convention Center and the Broward County Convention Center are very large venues. How can your best customers find your booth? That’s where custom printed flyers and other excellent printed marketing materials come in handy. When you hand people a card that directs them straight to your booth (using a small map, clear directions, or landmarks, depending what works best for your specific location), you are just about guiding people by the hand so they can find your table. Better yet, give your potential new clients a clear incentive to come your way. Use your flyers to advertise a giveaway, raffle, or a special deal you are making available only at the Home Design and Remodeling Show. In addition, you may want to think about giving talks or demonstrations that paint a vivid picture of what your company does. For example, if you are in the remodeling business, you or one of your representatives can give a “how to” talk on some key tips for making impactful changes in the home when you’re on a budget. If you’re in the pool business, you can give a demonstration on how to test and correct the pH of a pool. Whatever “show” you decide to put on, make sure to advertise it on your flyer.

Cusotm flyers, high quality printing services, EliteFlyers.comBut once you’ve lured people to your booth, your mission is not quite over. You can make sure your new contacts continue to think of you by offering them freebies like refrigerator magnets that bear your contact information, and of course your company name and logo. Drink koozies that feature your brand are a fun giveaway item, as are light-up key chains that are custom-printed to advertise your company. You can offer custom-printed t-shirts as prizes for customers who correctly answer “quiz” questions after your lecture or talk. The possibilities are endless, and Elite Flyers provides all of the products you need to make your display a success – and we do it for much less than the competition does. Even better, we can offer guidance for every step of the process. Check out our website and email us about putting together a killer marketing package to make your booth at the Home Design and Remodeling Show the most successful on the entire showroom floor.