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Loyalty Cards Boost Your Business

Posted on: July 1st, 2013 by No Comments

Would you rather have customers come into your business once, or many times?

Stupid question, right?

Well, if you’re not using a loyalty program and customized loyalty “punch” cards, you are basically encouraging customers to come into your business once and then to move onto the next service provider.

Seriously. Think about your own shopping habits. Don’t you appreciate it when a service provider rewards you for coming back? When your phone company offers a special rate to new customers, but not loyal “old” customers, doesn’t that make you mad? People like to be appreciated for spending their dollars where they do. They like loyalty programs and punch cards whereby they can earn free stuff. And you make more money when you get customers to come back again and again, even if that means giving away a few freebies. So think about designing a loyalty program that encourages your customers to come back frequently, part of which entails printing custom loyalty cards ( Here are some tips for getting started.Unique loyalty card, customer loyalty punch card,

1)     Get your customer’s email address.

Many customers will gladly provide their email address when you can legitimately promise that you will not share it with other companies and you also assure them that they will receive notifications about special deals and promotions at your business. If you run a nail salon, make sure to build an email list. If you run a car wash, yep, you’ll want an email list. Even restaurants, nightclubs, carwashes, coffee houses, and clothing stores should have email lists. The email list is also a key starting point for building your loyalty program.

2)     After the customer uses your product or service, send them a helpful email.

If you run a carwash, send your customer a follow-up email after their visit, reminding them to keep up with their car care routine to ensure their car’s paint job stays fresh for the life of the car, for example. If you run a spa, you can send a follow-up email that gives the customer facts about the therapeutic and medical benefits of massage. Send them something helpful that does not reek of an effort to get more business out of them. This will build a positive relationship between you and the client, something that is extremely important. You may also ask for feedback about the service they received, but you’re not talking loyalty program yet.

3)     A week after the customer’s service, invite them to your loyalty program with a special incentive.

Customer loyalty card, loyalty card program, EliteFlyers.comIf you own a coffee, smoothie, or juice shop, send the customer an email a week or so after their visit to invite them to earn free drinks. Tell them you now have a loyalty punch card program, and when they buy 10 drinks they’ll get the 11th one free. And give them a quick call to action. If they come into the shop for a beverage within a certain timeframe – say the next 3 or 7 days – they can earn a punch for the beverage they bought last week, plus DOUBLE punches for the beverages they buy on their next visit. If they buy two drinks, they’ll get four punches. If they buy three, they get six, and so on. This will motivate them not only to come in soon, but also to buy a bunch of drinks on their next visit.

4)     Follow up with more “double punch day” alerts and other special offers.

It’s no secret that the key to successful marketing is to keep in “constant contact” with your customers. By constant, we don’t mean minute-by-minute, but certainly every week. But the key to keeping your customers reading your email is to always make your messages worth their time. Tell them how they can save money with your business, and they will keep coming back.

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