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Silk Laminated Business Cards to Promote at Your Next Expo

Posted on: June 24th, 2013 by No Comments

The purpose of conventions and “expos” is obviously to give your business “expo-sure.” Of course, every company at these fairs has the same goal in mind: to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, it’s important to make an extra effort to set your enterprise apart from the rest. Paying attention to every little detail of your branding at the event, not least of all your business cards, can help to ensure you capture some lasting attention, higher profits, and new clients.

You’re investing a lot when you present your business at an expo or a convention. Travel expenses, time, registration fees, and of course your own energy are all guaranteed costs. You want your efforts to count, and one way to be sure they do is to take extra care when designing your marketing materials. One of the most outstanding touches you can add to your business card and other print collaterals is a feature called silk lamination. (Silk lamination is available for flyers, too. Find out more at

Silk laminated business cards are sturdier than typical cards, but appear anything but heavy-handed. In fact, silk laminated business Silk cards with silver foil stamping, business card printing, EliteFlyers.comcards look as though they are truly coated in silk. Of course it isn’t actual silk they’re lined with, but the effect is the same: suave, sophisticated, elegant, classy, and expensive. Another point in their favor is that these specialty business cards are not actually pricey. They’re a remarkably affordable upgrade, especially when you buy in larger quantities. Check out all the buying options at

Some specialty business cards can be polarizing, but silk lamination is to the business card world what Bob Marley is to the music world: a universal crowd-pleaser. College students, tourists from far-flung lands, middle-aged professionals, party-goers and soccer moms are all likely to be impressed by the silky texture and semi-matte, semi-glossy finish of these sturdy cards. In addition, these cards are water- and tear-proof, so you can be sure they will stand up to a ride in recipients’ pockets or goodie bags, and look just as good as new when they finally make it home with your potential new customers. Even if it rains on the way back to their cars or if they engage in an impromptu fistfight in the parking lot, your card will survive unscathed.

If you’re one of those people to whom the phrase “the best is not good enough” applies, you may want to think about further upping the ante of your business card design before you hit the expo floor. The only way silk laminated business cards can get more stunning is when you throw in spot UV accents or other premium design options (like gold or silver foil stamping) as well. Spot UV may sound like a bad trip to a tanning salon, but Custom business cards, double sided business cards, EliteFlyers.comin fact it’s a highly effective and attractive premium design element you can add to your business cards. The “spot” in spot UV business cards comes from the idea that you can apply the effect to whatever “spots” or parts of the card you wish, whether that is simply your business’s logo, an image, or a pattern. The “UV” part of spot UV business card printing stems from the printing technique itself, in which a thin and shiny plastic coating is applied to the business cardstock in specific areas and locked in with UV light, creating a reflective sheen that changes as you rotate the card.

Separately, silk lamination and spot UV printing are both design options that are sure to get your card and your business noticed at the next expo you attend. Together, these two premium printing options create a knockout card the competition can’t touch. To order yours now, go to