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Use Miami’s Ultra Music Festival to Your Business’s Advantage

Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by No Comments

Business owners who have experienced Ultra Music Festival week in the past may be tempted to roll their eyes thinking about the droves of teens, young adults, and crazy grown party people who will be in town for the events, but it’s an undeniable fact that these electronic music-loving tourists will be dropping mad loot in our city during the two weekends it will occupy this year. That’s right: the fest this year is double the music, double the fun. The first party weekend starts Friday, March 15 and spans through that weekend, while the second starts March 22 and runs through Sunday as well. Assuming that some festival goers will come for the first weekend and stay in town (and recover) through the week only to party again the following weekend, this gives businesses a lot of opportunity to bring in patrons with the use of strategic flyer printing and distribution.
Night club flyers
Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buren, Bass Nectar, Carl Cox, Tiesto, and Crystal Castles will lure them into town. Your job as a business owner is simply to get these young fun lovers to eat, drink, buy stuff, or sleep at your establishment while they’re in town. And trust us – with all the partying and lack of sleep they’ll be engaging in, they won’t be hard to convince to do anything! You’ll want to design and print flyers that will speak to the audience at hand. Remembering that these music lovers are attracted to light shows and strobe lights, you may want to consider using some shiny and premium elements in the designs of your flyers if you want to catch their attention. Foil-stamping, for example, allows you to print flyers with foil accents, pictures, and patterns, making your flyers stand out amid a sea of other advertisements during this hectic week. Other options to consider for your flyers include silk lamination, which offers a durable finish in case it rains during distribution… or in case one of your particular peppy targets decides to start chewing on the flyer before he gets a chance to read it. Silk laminated flyers also offer a beautiful finish. They look more like satin than silk, giving a brushed semi-matte appearance through which your enticing message shines through.

Any business can capitalize on these two festival weekends by printing flyers and promotional materials to attract these tourists. If you’re a restaurant owner, these potential patrons would be good candidates for an all-inclusive brunch offer, seeing as they’ll be burning thousands of calories as they dance well into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re a nightclub owner, promoting your after-Ultra parties on flyers is a good idea. Distribute the printed materials outside Bayfront Park as the crazy kids trickle out of the fences after the last shows of each night. Many of them will still be amped up and ready to hit the next dance floor!

flyers for night clubsFor the visitors who stay through the weekdays between electronic sessions, offers for massages and relaxing activities will be well received. A full weekend of hardcore partying can leave anyone feeling battered and bruised. Give out flyers advertising spa treatments, sauna and steam bath facilities, facials and skin treatments and your wellness center is sure to see an influx of people seeking recovery before the next phase of the party. In addition, juice bars and health food restaurants can use this opportunity to attract party attendees who are looking for a little bit of rehabilitation after a long week of tearing their bodies and brains up.

Surf shops, tourist attractions, and convenience stores would all also do well to make their presences known during this weekend, with the use of high-quality flyers with a clear message of what you’re offering and where these visitors can get it. Go to an experienced local or online printer in advance of these party weekends so that you’re business is prepared to pull in as many of these visitors’ dollars as it can! If done right, Ultra can be “ultra-profitable” for local businesses here in Miami!