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Design Valentine’s Day Business Cards and Flyers They’ll LOVE

Posted on: February 11th, 2013 by 2 Comments

Whether you look to Valentine’s Day as a once-a-year opportunity to celebrate romance, or you think of it as a nagging reminder of the loneliness of the world, there is no debate about one thing – it’s definitely an excellent opportunity to make money. From the five-year-old looking to wow his kindergarten classmates with the very best candies and cardboard Valentine’s Day cards, to the shy guy-next-door desperate to finally make his affections known, everyone is eager to fork over their hard-earned salary (or allowance) on some sweet trinkets de amour during this yearly love fest. Read on to discover how you can print business cards (that aren’t really business cards) and flyers to get people thinking about your product or service as a potential gift for their sweethearts, friends and families, even if your goods have nothing romantic about them.

Business Cards and Flyers for Valentines Day

Manly Businesses Take on an Air of Passion With the Right Marketing. If you think your business is too practical or too masculine to be a candidate for a Valentine’s Day business boost, think again. So you sell tires? With the right flyer, you can give potential customers the idea that there’s nothing so romantic as taking care of their significant other’s safety on the road. Tax attorney? Nothing says “I love you and I want to marry you,” like buying your girlfriend the help she needs to clean up her messy finances. Own a rock climbing gym? If you offer a couples’ membership special, you’ve suddenly claimed ownership of the most romantic venue in town. And keep in mind that women buy men gifts for Valentine’s Day too, and the traditional candy hearts and flowers aren’t necessarily going to fit the bill for these customers looking for masculine gifts. Sporting goods stores, gun shops, tattoo parlors, and sporting arenas are all great potential sinkholes for women’s Valentine’s Day dollars. But they won’t know it until you tell them! That’s why it’s important to design and print some attractive and compelling flyers to let your customers know how they can turn the products and services your business offers into the most romantic — and creative — Valentine’s Day gift their lover has ever received.

Valentines day extraviganza ticketUse Business Card Format to Print Valentine’s Day Coupons, Special Offers, or Tickets

If you’ve ever printed anything with a print service before, you may have noticed that business cards are the cheapest print product available. You can use this to your marketing advantage by printing other kinds of marketing materials in this format. For example, you can print mini-flyers, coupons, tickets, vouchers, discount offers, passes, or whatever else you can dream up in this handy little format. As you might imagine, many people are actually more willing to grab a small advertisement or printed offer than they would be a large-scale handout, brochure, or flyer. That said, larger, more inclusive printed collaterals are sometimes necessary, especially when your goal is to inform the customer. But if you’re just attempting to pique interest and provoke a follow up to your offer, it’s easy to rope in new customers simply by extending a small and enticing business-card sized flyer, coupon, or ticket.

Some examples of businesses that can use the business card format to promote Valentine’s Day offers:

Massage and spa services: Print Valentine’s Day coupons in small, sturdy format, offering 20 percent off all spa services or buy one, get one 50 percent off massages.

Happy valentines day greething cardFood emporiums: Print business card-sized Valentine’s Day offers, offering a free pastry or free gift, for example, or giving a special discount on cakes, pies, or chocolates. Hand these out at the store or in major pedestrian areas within the radius of your shop’s customer base.

Jewelry shops: Jewelry is a hot commodity on Cupid’s big day. This fact makes Valentine’s Day a great time to give buyers just the tiniest nudge to buy from your store, and not the competition. Handing out small business card-sized flyers boasting a 10 percent discount or a larger discount on a specific type or brand of jewelry is one way to lure them in. You can even print flyers or business card-sized offers advertising free Valentine’s Day gift wrapping, cards, or a bouquet of flowers with purchases over a certain amount.

Tourist attractions: A holiday like Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to pretend you’re a tourist in your own hometown. Carriage rides, tours, museums, water equipment rentals, bike rentals, amusement parks, and more attractions usually reserved for tourists can turn a great buck if they decide to make a few marketing efforts in anticipation of the main event. Simply handing out some flashy red flyers or business card-sized coupons in strategic places can implant your biz in the mind of the consumer as a great way to treat their sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

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