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Flyers and Brochures to Promote During Miami’s Wine & Food Festival

Posted on: January 31st, 2013 by No Comments

It’s already that time of year again! The Miami Wine and Food Festival is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how to use this ever-growing festival to your business’s advantage – whether you’re in the food biz or not! The dates on the WFF this year are April 17 to 20, so now is the perfect time to begin preparing your business for success at the fest – specifically, it’s a great time to begin designing flyers and brochures to let the influx of tourists and visitors know what your business is about, why they should spend their money with you, and how they can get there.

There will be a lot of foodies in town for this year’s festival at the Orion Jet Center, the JW Marriott and at the Village of Merrick Park, and they’ll be chasing down foods and events created by the nation’s top celebrity chefs. As you’re thinking about designing flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials to attract people into your shop, keep in mind that foodies are very sensual and decadent people. Knowing that your audience loves to indulge its senses can help you steer your flyer design and the kind of special promotions you will want to highlight.A food and wine flyer

If you’re in the restaurant business, make sure you design flyers and brochures that will speak to the people who will be in town for the festival. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to shy away from promoting yourself if you run an old-school pizza joint or the like. In fact, foodies and gourmands love neighborhood pizza parlors and burger joints as much as they love crimini mushrooms and imported cheeses. But to appeal to this crowd, you’ll want to make sure that your flyers advertise your joint as “the best in town,” “a neighborhood favorite,” “a family-run business,” or as an establishment with a tried and true reputation that’s been built up over many years. In other words, you’ll want to emphasize that there’s something special and unique about your establishment that makes it worthy of a visit. And with the price tags many visitors will be paying to attend events hosted by Michael Schwartz and Davide Brovelli, they’ll certainly appreciate a discount or special offer if you can find the space for one on your flyer.

Other businesses that can make use of promotional flyers and brochures during this time include retail stores and clothing shops. Many of the people attending the Wine and Food Festival events are from out of town. That means that they’re in vacation mode and they’ll be looking for the chance to treat themselves in a multitude of ways. Offer 10 percent off their purchase, or use your flyers to advertise a free gift you’d be willing to present customers with if they make a minimum purchase. Hand these flyers out as people leave events whenever possible. That way, you can be sure that they’ve just had a bunch of glasses of wine and they’ll be especially willing to take you up on your offer!

A menu for the food and wine festival in MiamiThe festival’s proceeds this year go to the United Way, so the fest is a great opportunity not only to promote your business, but to highlight some of the good your business has done over the past year. Print flyers that showcase some of the charitable contributions you have made, or run a special during the week of the Wine & Food Festival where five percent or so of your proceeds will go to a charity of your choice.

However it is that you decide you’d like to use the South Beach Wine and Food Festival to your business’s advantage, the first step is to print a flyer or other print advertisement to let your potential customers know you’re there and that you’re eager to please. Think about using premium flyer printing elements, like silk lamination and full-color foil printing, to capture people’s attention during this time of sensory overload!