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Business Card Design Inspiration (Quiz)

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 by 4 Comments

A business card really has one basic purpose: to make your professional contact information as accessible to another party as possible. We acknowledge that this function must always be at the heart of the matter when it comes to effective business card design. But must it always be the beginning and END of the matter? We think not. You can make your business card do more for you if you employ a little business card inspiration in your design process.

Here is a little quiz we’ve created to get your mind moving in an inspired direction as you contemplate your business card design.

  • Do you favor sharp lines that convey a sense of precision and drive? Or do you like the look of circular shapes, which carry a softer, gentler, and more nurturing feeling?
  • Close your eyes and envision the place you’d most like to be, right at this moment. As you develop the scene in your imagination, take note of your surroundings. What colors do you see?
  • What animal do you think best represents your business’ best attributes? What animal best represents you as a businessperson?
  • Look around your home or office at any printed material you can find. Fonts are everywhere. Weed through all those pieces of printed matter and locate the three that you like the best. What do you like best about each?
  • What is your favorite corporate logo? What makes it so outstanding?
  • If all these things were marching down the street, which would be most effective at grabbing your attention?3D business cards
    A tin man, a patent-leather man, or a transparent man (who was wearing clothes so you could tell he was there)
  • If you had to choose between being perceived as the loudest guest at the party or the most boring guest at the party, which would you be?
  • What was your most cherished childhood toy?
  • Would you describe yourself as a careful person?
  • Do you like seeing movies in 3-D?

Once you’ve written down your answers, take a look at our analysis of your potential answers and how they might guide your business card inspiration.

  • If you said you favored sharp lines, you should stick with a traditional business card shape. If you favor rounded shapes, however, you may consider designing a card with rounded edges to convey more continuity and gentleness.
  • Consider incorporating the colors you saw in your vision in your business card design. If you make your card reflect your idea of paradise, chances are you will be very pleased with it, and your own approval of your business card is the most important.
  • We’re not implying that you have to plaster owls or jaguars all over your business card, but you may consider incorporating elements of those animals in your design. Perhaps a textured, “feathery” look or feel, or an animal print design might work for your business.
  • Of the three fonts you chose and described, you may consider using the one you feel best represents your business’ best attributes for your business card design.
  • This is a no-brainer. Where appropriate, try to mimic the qualities you like best in your favorite corporate logo into your own business card design.

If you chose:

  • foil stamped, silk laminate business cardsa tin man – Consider using foil-stamped accents on your business card.
    a patent-leather man – Consider using spot UV accents.
    a transparent man – Consider designing a clear plastic business card. (They look pretty cool.)
  • Honestly, probably very few people actually want to be the “loudest” or “most boring” person at the party. But if you are more comfortable with loud, that might indicate you want your card to be bold and a bit daring. If you thought “most boring” seemed the lesser evil, an understated, tasteful design may be more your speed.
  • Consider your childhood toy’s look in desiring your inspired business card.
  • If you said “no,” you may want to think about elements that make your card weather and wear-resistant, like thick cardstock or, better yet, silk lamination.
  • You can even design business cards in 3-D now. If this kind of special effect appeals to you and seems suitable for your line of work, you can make your business card “stand out” like no other!

Hope this little quiz has stirred your imagination as you prepare to design an inspired business card that is all your own!