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Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by No Comments

At Elite Flyers, our high quality flyer printing is what gave us our name. We started out catering to the many party promoters on Miami Beach who needed flyers printed to advertise special nightclub events on South Beach’s ever-hopping club scene. Printing these nightclub flyers soon brought us to produce many other custom-printed products, but we still pride ourselves on printing the most affordable, superior-quality flyers on the market. Our loyal flyer-printing customers in the world of nightlife and beyond can attest that we’re fast, friendly, available, and extremely affordable when it comes to printing nightclub flyers and other printed collaterals.

Nowadays, we offer a slew of different flyer printing options, including unique sizes, “special effects” like foil stamping, spot UV accents, and silk lamination, and different cardstock thicknesses, allowing customers to fully customize their print projects and bring their creative visions to life.

Our standard flyers measure 4”x6” and are printed on 14pt cardstock. This cardstock is both affordable and sturdy, but if you’d like a nightclub flyer that can withstand a little more wear and tear, the 16pt cardstock option offers an even thicker and sturdier base for your flyer. YFlyers for ladies night, 16pt card stock flyers, EliteFlyers.comou can also choose to print with a shiny UV or matte finish, depending on your preference.

Maybe you don’t need a postcard-sized platform to get your message out there. You can save a bit of cost and save some trees by printing a smaller flyer. Elite Flyers lets you go as tiny as 2.5”x2.5”, which, in addition to sparing a little expense, gives your flyer a standout look, thanks to its unique size and shape. We offer an elongated 2”x6” size as well, which might look a bit like a bookmark – a good choice for those advertising scholastic-related events (although it works as a unique base for nightclub flyers too). If you scroll through our sizing options on our flyers tab, you’ll see that we have a whopping 17 sizes to choose from, ranging all the way up to 11”x17”, which may look a little more like a poster than a flyer. But hey, if you hand those out on the street, you’re guaranteed to get some attention!

If you want a nightclub flyer with a little more pizzazz, we recommend adding some shiny or slick design elements. One popular and totally attractive option we are proud to offer is silk lamination. Printing a flyer with silk lamination means that we start with thick 16pt cardstock, print your chosen design, and then permanently bond a thin and delicate layer of brushed plastic lamination to both sides of the flyer. This gives your nightclub flyer a sophisticated, light-catching, and interesting finish that holds up to the elements and looks great all the while. It feels silky, but unlike silk, the finish on these club flyers is ready to stand up to a hailstorm and come out looking great on the other side.

Another popular premium nightclub flA night club flyeryer printing option is foil stamping. If you want to make your flyer look “totally money,” you can add these bright metallic embossments in gold or silver for a touch of class and a brilliant flash. Print the name of your nightclub with the foil stamp technique, or your club’s logo, or any other element you choose. Whatever it is, you are guaranteed to inspire recipients of your flyer to take a second and third look when you choose to add foil stamped accents.

If all this sounds great, but you have no idea where to begin in crafting your own unique flyer design, all is not lost! Our expert design team can help you create whatever awesome nightclub flyer you imagine. Just send us an email explaining what you hope to create, and we will get in touch with you right away to initiate a conversation so we can create a design to your precise specifications, and at an extremely affordable price. As an added benefit, our turnaround times are incredibly fast, in the event you accidentally leave your print project until the last minute. You can always count on Elite Flyers to get your nightclub flyers to the presses and back in your hands before the party starts.