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Custom Print Calendars

Posted on: September 18th, 2012 by No Comments

Custom print calendars are the perfect excuse for your company to hold a bikini contest or get cozy with the hunks at the local fire department; you can fill your calendar with pics of smokin’ hot women or men and sell them for charitable causes or just give them out as promo items. You can also decorate each month with children’s art for a more PG-13 custom calendar.

But let’s back up and talk about the basics here. Elite Flyers’ wall calendars are the size of a standard sheet of paper and are printed on tough, classy-looking 100lb magazine stock. They’re laminated with a glossy coating for extra durability and a subtle shine. The calendars are held together with a saddle-stitch binding (not spiral binding – we think that’s kind of cheesy) and can be punched with a 1/8” or 1/4″ hole, or no hole at all, depending on your preference. Our calendars can be printed to be either 24 or 28 pages.  You would choose 28 pages if you wanted to include an introductory page (say, to talk about the life-saving track record of the fire department you snagged your hunks from) and maybe a mini calendar of the coming year at the end of the wall calendar.

Beyond fundraisers, a lot of customers use wall calendars as giveaway items for loyal customers. You can really get creative with this stuff. If you’re an accountant, for example, you might put together a wall calendar composed of funny pictures revolving around money. Get someone to pose lying on a bed full of money and rose petals for February (that’s our kind of Valentine’s Day!). Have someone stick dollar coins into their eye sockets and hold a Jack o’ lantern full of cash for October. And picture Santa showing up with a sack full of jolly green cash for the month of December. This is the kind of calendar your clients might actually put on their walls. Let’s face it; if you give them a calendar full of generic stock photos of windmills and dandelions, they will not use it, and you’ll have wasted your time and money in printing and distributing your calendar. It takes a little extra effort to design a fun and attractive calendar, but it’s no lie that content is king. A custom printed magnet calendar

Calendars are not the cheapest items to print, so why would you choose them over other printing products? It’s true. Flyers and brochures are much easier to design and much more affordable to print. The advantage that calendars give you is that they stay up on your customers’ walls all year – or at least that’s the idea. So again, if you’re an accountant and your clients have your calendar on their walls, your customers have a constant reminder of your services at eye level, 365 days a year. When tax time rolls around, there’s no question about who they’re going to call. And when they have money questions, they’ll have your contact info in front of their faces for easy access – provided you’re careful to include your phone number and email address at the bottom of all of your calendar pages. 

If you’re not ready for the financial investment wall calendars require, you can also print calendar magnets instead. You’ll only need one good image to get the ball rolling on calendar magnets, and Elite Flyers offers a number of different sizes for you to choose from, starting at 4”x7”, all the way up to 5.5”x8.5”. Obviously, you print the entire year on the face of these magnets in the form of mini months. Your customers won’t use them to pencil in little Susie’s dance recital schedule, but they will probably find a good spot for your magnets on their refrigerators all the same. Calendar magnets give your customers the same easy access to your info any day of the year, opening up the possibility for increased business for your company or service, every single day.